Thursday, January 04, 2007

War and Peace

I decided I was going to read War and Peace this year after looking at the lists of books in the Reading Profile quiz. So yesterday when my husband went over to school I asked him to check it out of the library for me. He came home with a suspiciously small-looking book. Under 600 pages long. was abridged! I don't read abridged books - it's a matter of principle. So I'll have to keep looking for a copy.

Meanwhile, read this hilarious post about an eighth grader choosing War and Peace as an independent reading book.


Laura said...

I think all the translations are somewhat abridged, aren't they? I remember trying (without success) to tackle when I was 12, an edition that was in 6 volumes, each volume containing 300 to 500 pages. But the edition I have - and plan to read someday - is the Heritage edition translated by the Maudes. And even it has been revised. Let me know if you successfully track down one that's faithful and true!

Ruth said...

Hmm, very possible. I am completely clueless about Russian literature. I've only read Anna Karenina and a tiny bit of Dostoevsky. Oh, and A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich.

I'll have to do a little more research on translations. But I do know that the Modern Library edition has 1400 pages, and this one was under 600.

Matsu said...

Ruth - just say the word and an unabridged copy of War and Peace will be on it's way to Tecwil (I'll get the address from Dr. B). I'm serious about this offer. When you are done, you can donate it to the school library for future 8th graders to choose (ha!).


Ruth said...

Hey, Matsu, I'd be thrilled to accept your generous offer! Thank you!

I was thinking I'd have to wait until the next trip to the States to check it out from the library, because I tried the other library I use here, and they didn't have it either.

I'll be sure to offer it to my 8th graders as an option. :-)