Sunday, February 15, 2009

Blog Break

So, you miss a day or two of posting, and before you know it, it's been two weeks. I didn't intend to take a blog break but it looks as though I did anyway. Last week I took a quick trip to the States, and as usual, preparing to have a sub and then clearing up after having a sub took more time than the trip itself. I still haven't finished all the grading but the end is in sight now.

I had a wonderful time; I hung out with a friend who used to live here and the two of us went to a teacher retreat together. I visited a bookstore (and came back laden with some new choices for my students), Wal Mart, Target, an international grocery store and more than one restaurant.

I also got to visit a state-of-the-art middle school and drool over Promethean boards and carts full of laptops and wireless-enabled hallways and tens of thousands of dollars worth of musical instruments. I might be tempted to be discontented with the resources in my school after seeing these things, but when I compare my own classroom to those of the vast majority of the teachers in this country, many of which don't even have walls, I can't complain.

I came back to students who were happy to see me and my ordinary life goes on. It's always nice to have a change and a break, and mine did me good.


Janet said...

Welcome back!

Jenny said...

Hi Ruth, I have a strange question for you. Since you read more than anyone I know, I think you might be able to answer a question that's been bothering me. A few years ago I read a short story - I thought it was by Jhumpa Lahiri, but I can't find it in her books - about a newly married Indian couple. A friend of the very naive, very young wife tells her that if her husband does something that she doesn't like, she should punish him by not speaking to him. She does this, but keeps it up for days, weeks, months - she doesn't realize the friend just meant do it for a half-hour, or whatever. Her marriage ends up ruined. Have you ever read this story? Do you know who it's by? I was invited to read a story at a local version of "Selected Shorts" and that's the one I want to do! (If I can track it down!)

Ruth said...

Jenny, it isn't ringing a bell. I think I've read all of her short stories, but of course it's possible I just don't remember. Sorry I'm no help!

Jenny said...

Oh well... I'll have to find another story I like!