Monday, March 02, 2009

Barbie - Evil or Neutral?

I've never been much of a Barbie fan, but when my daughter had a period of six months or so when she liked Barbie, we just went with it. Someone gave her one, and I think I picked up some at a yard sale. She played with them for a while, and then lost interest.

Of course I have read about the criticisms of Barbie and how she ruins girls' self-esteem. I was interested to read this article, which says that we can't blame Barbie for the damage society does to our daughters - or for the damage we ourselves do to them.

What do you think?


Tricia said...

I think she makes some good points. Since it's Barbie's anniversary this (week? month? today?), I've heard a number of stories about this on the radio the past couple of days. They've all been making a similar point - but perhaps that's just the current winning argument in the Barbie debate? Anyway, I played with Barbies growing up - first with my sister when I was a wee tike, then with my friends as my sister outgrew them - and I never remember thinking I had to look like her. I played with those dolls much as my 2 younger boys play with Playmobil figures - acting out scenarios. (The oldest one never acts out scenarios with toys, he's mostly a builder.)

Jessica said...

Interesting article. I guess I still don't know how I feel about Barbie, if my girls show an interest we'll probably let them . . . I played with them, and I agree with the author about the usefulness of the dolls. I really liked what she said about Barbie not having any influence compared to our own mother's relationship with her body and herself.

John and Jodie Ackerman said...

I've been meditating about Barbie for 16 days now. How about a new post? :)