Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day in Middle School

I have to admit, this is a day that I am often quite glad to see the end of. The massive amounts of sugar, the rose deliveries during class, the teddy bears which say "I love you": none of these things are conducive to great academic progress. Today as I was teaching eighth grade, there were serenades going on right outside my window during high school lunch. Eighth grade is a little more trying on this day than seventh, anyway; my observation is that for the seventh graders the holiday is still mostly about candy, whereas for the eighth graders, hormones have become a part of the festivities.

As often happens, Valentine's Day coincides with Teacher Appreciation Week this year, so we started the morning with a Teacher Appreciation Breakfast that was fabulous. After school I went to a Valentine's party. And in between there were several surprises which ensured that I had a great day.

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Tricia said...

Last night my 7th grader came to me while I was at the computer and asked if he could scan two pages. I said I'd do it for him. He was quick in turning that down - even though he's been letting me scan drawings for weeks. Then he wanted a nice envelope to put it in, and planned to seal it with candle wax.....and he wouldn't tell me who it was for! I decided not to pester (that's what little brothers are for, right? not moms?). But I am slightly tempted to see if I can find that scanned image on the computer...