Friday, May 25, 2012

Poetry Friday: Poinciana

The flamboyant trees are in bloom here in Haiti, and I took this picture this week over the wall of the basketball court at school. I was thinking of a poem, but never got it written, what with all the grading I've been doing. I decided to browse Google and see if anybody else had written anything about this beautiful tree, and learned to my surprise that the other name for it is the poinciana. And sure enough, there's a song about it! (Don't ask me why this video has the photo that it does. I suggest you listen to the music while looking above at my photo. There you go, isn't that better?)

Here are the lyrics:


Blow...tropic wind...
Sing a song...through the trees.

Trees...sigh to me...
Soon my love...I will see.

Your branches speak to me of love.
Pale moon is casting shadows from above.

Somehow I feel the jungle heat
Within me, there grows a rhythmic, savage

Love is everywhere, its magic perfume fills the air.
To and fro, you sway, my heart's in time,
I've learned to care.

From now until the dawning day,
I'll learn to love forever come what may.

Blow....tropic wind,
Sing a song through the trees.
Trees...sigh to me
Soon my love... I will see.

This song has been performed by many musicians (here's a sampling) but was written by Bernier and Simon, again according to Google. (How did I ever find anything out before Google?)

So what with the jungle heat and the rhythmic savage beat, our semester is jigging to an end. This time next week I'll have taught my last full school day of the year. Hooray!

Here's today's Poetry Friday roundup.


Tara said...

Oh, that was sublime!

Linda B said...

I love Nat King Cole & have heard this. It's beautiful with your photo, beautiful tree! I hope you have a wonderful final week!

Robyn Hood Black said...

Lovely, lovely! Could feel those tropic breezes blowing.... thanks for sharing and best wishes as you wind up the school year.

Author Amok said...

Beautiful! The lyrics and the photo of that bright red tree remind me of summer.

jama said...

I'm wondering if there are poinciana trees in Hawai'i. I kind of think there probably are. Beautiful!

I've heard the melody of that song before but not with those words sung by Nat King Cole. So soothing. I'm ready to drift away on a summer breeze :).

Liz Steinglass said...

Beautiful! Maybe over the summer you can go back to your photo and let it inspire you.

Doraine said...


violet said...

That lovely tree is certainly song-worthy! Hope you have a wonderful summer break.