Monday, June 24, 2013

IRA Convention Highlights Post #9: Poetry and TRTW

I wrote here about the poetry session I attended on Monday. It was probably my favorite session of the whole conference, and it was a lot of fun to meet people I'd "known" for years on Poetry Friday. Amy VanDerwater posted a photo here.

The very last session was an excellent one on a teaching technique called TRTW: Talk, Read, Talk, Write.   You can see the handout here.

It took me almost two months after coming back from San Antonio to write these highlights posts, but I'm glad I did them, because going through my notes helped me remember the sessions.  The San Antonio conference was a lot of fun; I enjoyed getting to visit this beautiful city and the opportunity to learn about new books and how to introduce them to kids.

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LInda Baie said...

Although I haven't commented every time, I think I've read them all, Ruth. You are wonderful to have spent so much time doing this. I just returned from the All Write Conference and loved every bit, but especially meeting those with whom we've begun a relationship through blogging. It was magical, just as you posted on your poetry post at the beginning. I love those anthologies, BTW, and return to read a little from them often. Thanks much for all these words!