Friday, December 05, 2014

Poetry Friday: Grading

I can't really think about poetry today, except that written by my middle schoolers, which I shall now be reading (along with their prose), in bulk, for the next several days.  This poem is appropriate, except that my creative, funny, original kids have chosen their own topics, and their writing will therefore be much more entertaining reading than what George Bilgere is avoiding. 

Robert Frost

by George Bilgere

Over there on the dining room table
are just twenty-five of the thousands of essays
on the poetry of Robert Frost
produced this week alone in the USA,
the world leader in essays on Robert Frost.

The essays are about ambiguity
in The Road Not Taken, and also ambiguity
in Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening.

Every year the English majors of America
must read these poems and analyze their ambiguity
or compare and contrast their ambiguity
in five double-spaced pages.

Here's the rest, at the Writer's Almanac.

And here's today's roundup.


jama said...

Great poem. Love Bilgere :)!

Tara said...

Perfect poem for a weekend of grading, Ruth. Sigh. Looking forward to the creativity of my sixth graders, but those stacks of journals and books looks oh so daunting!

Mary Lee said...

Love this poem!

Have fun (try to, anyway) grading! I don't have essays, but I'll try to have fun with my piles of 5th grade work...and not leave them until Sunday night (again).

Heidi Mordhorst said...

Hello, Ruth! Long time no chat...

Yes, we must all do our part, preferably with a glass of wine in hand and the promise of self-chosen topics in mind.

Good luck!

Tabatha said...

Getting serious, indeed! Thanks for the fun, thought-provoking poem, Ruth.