Friday, March 27, 2015

Poetry Friday: Chocolate Cake

I can't seem to find any poems about the college application process.  Odd, because it has certainly inspired plenty of emotion, both joy and anguish.  The highs and lows of March with my daughter and her classmates have been dizzying.  We are ready for a calmer interlude now that all the responses are in, and it's time to choose among the yeses, and soothe away the nos.

National Poetry Month is coming!

It's time to eat some poetry.  Preferably brownie-flavored.

Here's today's roundup.


Tabatha said...

What? No college app poems?? Must find/write some!

Thank goodness for yummy poems :-)

LInda Baie said...

Sometimes when it's a long video I don't watch, Ruth, but this actor caught me & wouldn't let go! So funny. I wonder if we haven't all done this once in a while? Sorry for nothing about college apps. Perhaps none wants to memorialize them? Thanks for the big chuckle!

jama said...

What a great video. How did I not see this one before? :)

Mary Lee said...

I sometimes "trim up" the leftover chocolate cake just the way he describes! It's best not to even get started with the crumbs!