Friday, May 05, 2017

Poetry Friday: Daylight Savings

During National Poetry Month, I got a poem-a-day email from Knopf, and on the 9th, that poem was Jill Bialosky's "Daylight Savings." 

Daylight Savings
 by Jill Bialosky

There was the hour
when raging with fever
they thrashed.  The hour
when they called out in fright.
The hour when they fell asleep
against our bodies, the hour
when without us they might die.
The hour before school
and the hour after.
The hour when we buttered their toast
and made them meals
from the four important food groups -
what else could we do to ensure they'd get strong and grow?

Here's the rest of the poem, which concludes that all those hours are precious, and we don't want to lose any of them.

Jama's someone who knows how to make the most of hours, and she's hosting the roundup today.


Brenda Harsham said...

That poem resonated with me, as I sit by the window where I've watched my children walk away each day toward the bus, toward their friends, with soccer bag in hand. The best hour when they open their arms, look at me with all the shining trust of their young years, and come for a hug. I will miss these days when they are grown and flown. For now, they are the dearest poetry. Thanks for this post.

Linda B said...

I'm getting these too, Ruth. This one is rather serious, no tongue-in-cheek exactly, but the ending becomes truer with experience, don't want to lose an hour at all, right? Thanks for sharing!

jama said...

Good poem to honor all the mothers for Mother's Day, Ruth! I haven't read many of Jill Bialosky's poems so I'm glad you shared this one today. Thank you!

Tara Smith said...

Yes! Exactly how it feels to be a parent, to love beyond measure and time. Thanks for sharing this gem, Ruth.

Irene Latham said...

Yes the hours ARE precious, aren't they? Somehow I missed the Knopf signup this year. Thank you for sharing this poem, Ruth. xo

Kay said...

All those hours are so precious. I struggle with the spring forward, but I do enjoy the extra hour in the fall!

Mary Lee said...

Wow. A completely new take on that lost hour...

Mitchell Linda said...

Oh, my goodness....this poem. This poem is all of us in a really, really beautiful way. Thanks so much for introducing it to me to us. I feel like I can't live without keeping this one in a journal....or my pinterest board. Hugs to you, Ruth!

Alice Nine said...

I'm so glad I stopped by today... thanks for sharing Jill Bialosky's "Daylight Savings." Such a wonderful tribute, perfect for all times but especially this week as we honor mothers. I read and it became very personal as I thought of my mom, ...then of myself, and then of my daughters. This one goes into my journal!

michelle kogan said...

Time is so scarce and so precious, but living and getting lost in the moment so important. Thanks for this timely poem!