Monday, September 11, 2006


If you haven't read/heard/seen enough today about 9/11, here's the BBC's coverage. Take a look at the Global Voices feature for some perspectives from other places.

Some people reported trouble getting to the list of participants in Project 2996 because of all the traffic. Here's a link that should work.

Here's a multimedia presentation that, for me, brought back a lot of the sadness I felt that day. I was especially glad to see this since I haven't seen any of the TV coverage, and I won't. It's probably good that I won't, because I tend to get obsessive about it - after 9/11 we were living in a place with cable TV and I became a CNN-junkie, almost as if I had some kind of moral obligation to keep up with every little development in the whole panicked, terrorist-filled, anthrax-ridden, fear-driven world. Now we don't have cable, and that's a good thing. But still, I needed to see some of those images again. Not too many, but some.

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Unknown said...

Hi Ruth,

Thanks for linking my multimedia presentation - "Remembering Nine Eleven". I hope the images I choose, weren't overwhelming, but in creating the piece I wanted it to reflect the true horror of that day.

God Bless,