Friday, February 19, 2010

Ala peyi byen organize, wi! (What a well-organized country!)

Today my children took buses to their public schools. I paid nothing for this service and only had to request for it to happen. They went to school all day, again for free.

While they were at school I had to get some things done, requiring me to visit three separate government offices. I had to renew my driver's license, pay a tax, and drop off my children's vaccination records so they could be put into the correct format for the schools here. All three of those tasks were accomplished with no frustration and very little cost in less than an hour. (And the computer wasn't working right in the DMV, so that part took longer than usual!)

I also went to the grocery store, and saw dozens of choices for each type of item. There was abundance everywhere I looked. I got a bit mesmerized by a display of stuffed toys for dogs.

I know, the schools aren't really free and neither are the buses. All those things come from taxes like the one I had to pay today. And I know, there are many people out of work in this country and life is not easy for everyone. But I wonder if people who live here in the US all the time realize how amazing, and rich, this country is. The stores are full. The parks are beautiful. The libraries are stocked and accessible. The emergency services are there when you need them. Things work and are efficient.

This is not the way it is everywhere in the world.

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