Wednesday, April 07, 2010

No More Landmarks

Sarah, whom I don't know, posted about the demolition being done at Holy Trinity in Port-au-Prince. (I posted some about the cathedral here.)

I can so relate to what Sarah is going through, piecing together bits of information from photos she sees, blogs she reads, conversations. There's no substitute for being in Haiti right now, going through what everyone is going through. My husband keeps mentioning things offhandedly and then, when I have no idea what he means, saying, "Oh, I thought I told you." I fear when I go back it will be to a completely different life.

Many people have written about how strange it is to drive around the city now, because so many of the landmarks are gone. What a metaphor for life post-earthquake. The landmarks are gone and we have to figure out this new landscape. What will it be like? What will our role be?

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tumbleweedgirl said...

i keep reading. i know i don't say much. this resonates in so many ways. the questions you have are good for so many earthquakes in our lives.

keep asking. they help me focus