Tuesday, August 03, 2010

On the iPod

Today I spent most of the day shelving books in the school library. I finished the 800s in the high school section and made a lot of progress on the junior fiction in the elementary section. I plugged myself into my iPod and got into my Dewey Decimalizing, alphabetizing zone. There are still books spread about the room, but the library is looking so much better than it did two weeks ago.

Out of all the podcasts I listened to, I thought the best was a Rob Bell sermon called Matthew 5: Jesus and Divorce. (You can download it at that link.) It's a difficult subject, and I think Bell does a beautiful job. He talks about what Jesus said about divorce in Matthew 5 and its historical context - this is information I had never heard before, and very helpful for an understanding of the passage. Bell acknowledges that we live in a broken world and sometimes marriages end; his take on this is realistic and compassionate, and he also maintains a very high view of marriage and how it is ideally supposed to be. This is one of those rare sermons on marriage that has something in it for everyone. It's going in my Favorite Sermons folder.


Bridget said...

I listened to this last week, and thought it was great! Today I listened to one on prayer, called "A Scorpion and an Egg," and also thought that was spot on.

Talie Ayiti said...

Dewey Decimal and I never got along, I just never seem to understand it for some reason. lol

Rob Bell is amazing, I have had the chance to watch a number of his sermons this past year. My favoite is one called "Breathe"...He has a way of putting things into a different perspective that I just love. I will have to listen to the one you have mentioned in this post.

Jessica said...

I listened to it last night- loved it, so much. thanks for the recommendation!