Sunday, August 15, 2010


This morning we drove across town to attend church. We're meeting with the same group as in January, but due to damage from the earthquake, we've had to relocate. The drive to church is much longer and more eventful than before; next week I'll take the camera along and document it.

Sunday morning in church has consistently been one of my most emotional times since January. Somehow the combination of music and stillness, supportive people and reminders of God's love, causes tears. I'm still sensitive, like someone with a sunburn. This morning it was wonderful to be meeting with friends, but there were many reminders of how different things are now; the location (we met in a clinic room, complete with oxygen in case anyone passed out during the sermon), the missing people, the conversation afterwards when we talked about the last seven months.

We had lunch at the home of some friends. There were long-term Haiti people and some newcomers, too. It was a fun time and felt "normal." In the evening we had a school event; all the teachers got together for pizza and conversation. Again, it was a mixture of returning and new staff. School will start soon and we're nearly ready; there's hope for the new year, but again, we talked about the past as well as the future.

In all, it was a good Sunday.

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