Friday, June 10, 2011

You Can Help!

Would you like to help people affected by the flooding in Haiti? Do you feel overwhelmed and wonder what you could do? Here's an opportunity to give, and a matching grant will double what your money can accomplish.

You'd be giving through The Apparent Project, which works to empower Haitian parents to be able to keep their children instead of giving them up, as so many poor people are forced to when they can't take care of them. As Corrigan says in the post linked below, The Apparent Project doesn't do handouts, but this is a time of emergency.

Read this to find out more.

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Sarah SSM said...

Thank you. Again. I feel like a broken record (does that simile date me or what!), but what else can I say? It breaks my heart to read some of this, but I'd rather have my heart broken and know than not.

I may need to be reminded of this when I finally move to Haiti this fall and get overwhelmed... But I am grateful for your postings. Grateful to know, to have something to share myself from a distance - and more specific things to pray with as well.

Blessings on your continued ministry.