Thursday, March 28, 2013

Don't Look Now, but Here Comes the Progressive Poem for 2013!

April's almost here, and this year I'll again be participating in the Kidlitosphere Progressive Poem! Here's the final version of last year's poem, after it had traveled from blog to blog all month, getting a new line added each time. Creating that poem, and watching it happen, was so much fun, and I'm thrilled to have another go at it.

Below you'll find the schedule, with a link to the blog where each line will appear, but don't worry: I'll be keeping you posted every day on how it's going.

1  Amy Ludwig VanDerwater
2  Joy Acey
3  Matt Forrest Esenwine
4  Jone MacCulloch
5  Doraine Bennett
6  Gayle Krause
7  Janet Fagal
8  Julie Larios
9  Carrie Finison
10  Linda Baie
11  Margaret Simon
12  Linda Kulp
13  Catherine Johnson
14  Heidi Mordhorst
15  Mary Lee Hahn
16  Liz Steinglass
17  Renee LaTulippe
18  Penny Klostermann
19  Irene Latham
20  Buffy Silverman
21  Tabatha Yeatts
22  Laura Shovan
23  Joanna Marple
24  Katya Czaja
25  Diane Mayr
26  Robyn Hood Black
27  Ruth Hersey
28  Laura Purdie Salas
29  Denise Mortensen
30  April Halprin Wayland

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Linda B said...

Very exciting, isn't it? I put my list & the button up today, but will start writing about it tomorrow. Great stuff!