Friday, February 07, 2014

Poetry Friday: Surprise!

Yesterday as part of our weekly mail delivery, I got an unexpected package.  Since my birthday is coming up, I thought maybe it was a  birthday present, so I had my daughter pre-open it, just in case.  "No," she said as she studied it, "it looks like a present, but not a birthday present.  I think it's from a poetry person."

It was!  Irene Latham sent me this:

It looks kind of like a box of seeds, but this is what it really is:

Irene said she found this puzzle while she was cleaning out her basement, and immediately thought of me because of my One Little Word this year, garden.  She also sent two poems, beautifully printed on a bookmark and a postcard.  Here's the postcard poem, and it will be my offering for today's Poetry Friday:

Irene's surprise gift made my day, and I love her poem.  She is definitely someone with a "deliberate, unmittened heart."

Happy Poetry Friday!  Check out the roundup here!


Tabatha said...

What a bighearted (and appropriate) gift! Yay! Beautiful poem.

Bridget Magee said...

Fabulous surprise gift for you and for the rest of us! I love that you will be contemplating "garden" for 500 pieces. =)

Mary Lee said...

Fun, fun!

Doraine Bennett said...

Love your surprise!