Friday, February 28, 2014

Poetry Friday: I Scarcely Grieve

I found this one on the Poetry app from the Poetry Foundation.  (You can find out more about it here.)  It seems appropriate because I am heading into a holiday week (for Carnival), and we are planning to stay put here in Port-au-Prince in the turmoil.  And folks, I scarcely grieve.  I am just so glad to get some time off.  And there's plenty that's beautiful right here.  "There is no unimpressive spot on earth!"

Sonnet: I Scarcely Grieve
 by Henry Timrod

I scarcely grieve, O Nature! at the lot
That pent my life within a city’s bounds,
And shut me from thy sweetest sights and sounds.
Perhaps I had not learned, if some lone cot
Had nursed a dreamy childhood, what the mart
Taught me amid its turmoil; so my youth
Had missed full many a stern but wholesome truth.
Here, too, O Nature! in this haunt of Art,
Thy power is on me, and I own thy thrall.
There is no unimpressive spot on earth!
The beauty of the stars is over all,
And Day and Darkness visit every hearth.
Clouds do not scorn us: yonder factory’s smoke
Looked like a golden mist when morning broke.

Today's roundup is here.  I don't use Pinterest and am resisting being sucked into it, but I hope I can figure out Anastasia's method of rounding up, anyway! Head on over there!


LInda Baie said...

So happy you get a break, Ruth. I had one before this past week & it was delightful! Hope you enjoy just being home with family & whatever else you do with the celebrations!

Mary Lee said...

I don't do Pinterest either, but at least us hold-outs are able to access the roundup with only the annoyance of having to go through two clicks to get to each post.

Enough grumbling.

Thank you for the glimpse of spring, on this, the eve of our next severe winter storm with "heavy snow" predicted. At least it's down from 12 inches to 5-7 and ice.


Bridget Magee said...

I'm glad you shared this gem despite it being on Pinterest. It was worth the clicks. = )