Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Growing Old Gracefully

Recently an actress who is about my age appeared on the cover of a magazine wearing very little. I was interested to read that this was apparently some kind of empowerment thing, since she's getting older and yet can still look good. It reminded me of the ad I saw for "Self-Esteem Workshops" put on by a certain soap company whose billboards are supposedly empowering for women because they show non-models in their underwear. I wonder what exactly the workshops involve. I will believe that all of this is about empowerment about the time we see some powerful men posing on billboards and magazine covers in similar attire.

Meanwhile I was reading this article about beauty, and growing older, and plastic surgery, and such. There are some empowering suggestions at the end in case anyone is feeling old.


Janet said...

I love your magazine cover idea!

Those are some interesting suggestions at the end of that article...

Ruth said...

Ha! I wasn't suggesting that, just saying that when I saw that I would believe it was something powerful people do. In fact, in many cases I think it would be sight to be avoided at all costs! :-)