Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Can someone explain to me why the emphatic form of LOL, laughing out loud, is LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL? I say this based on my observations online and in my students' writing. (And yes, many of them include LOL in their written dialogue in early drafts.) Surely the emphasis should be on the second L, since you are laughing extremely LOUDly. I hereby decree that it should be spelled LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLL.

Also, have you heard kids actually speak this expression to one another? I have, and I find it quite odd. Some speak each letter separately and some pronounce it "loll." It makes me think of what I heard Garrison Keillor say once, that the true sign of an intellectual is mispronouncing words "because we're basically readers" and if you've never heard a word pronounced you won't know how to say it. By the same token, my kids are taking what they have learned in print (even if it was online and not in a book) and moving it into their own writing and speech. This means that they are readers!



Amy @ Experience Imagination said...

Now, see, I'd think it would be LLLLLLLOL, since it's a lot of laughing. :)

Tricia said...

I'm not sure I've seen LOOOOOOOL. I've seen "LOLOL." But "laugh out loud out loud" - what does that MEAN? I think maybe we're too old to get it... :^O

Ruth said...

Amy, you may be right. I will have to reconsider my edict. :-)

Tricia, I'm SURE you're right. Suddenly I seem to be too old to get lots of things!


Andy and Lizet Bowen said...

My favorite indication of your developing "intellectual" status has always been "pupsidodium" as the pronunciation of "pseudonym."

T and T Livesay said...

paige says loooool all the time = it totally bugs.