Sunday, June 13, 2010

Talking About It

This morning my husband spoke about the earthquake in the church we attended. Although he had shared briefly in a couple of services we've attended together, this was the first time I had heard him make a full presentation on the subject. While I didn't learn anything really new about his perceptions, it was very emotional for me to listen. I cried profusely and was glad for the (southern?) custom of having boxes of tissues available in church pews.

In the evening, I gave my presentation. I have done the talk many times now but this was the first time my husband had heard it (though he had read the text). I noticed that his eyes weren't dry either.

We asked the kids what they thought afterwards, and our son said that he didn't mind listening to it, since the earthquake was all over now.

Well, maybe it's not completely over yet. Not for us, and not for Haiti.

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T & T Livesay said...

Troy still cries at one point in the story each time he shares. I point and laugh. ;)

Glad you are together, hope it is for the whole summer!