Monday, September 13, 2010


I'm not sure why I felt sad today. Maybe it was reading the essay of the student who spent time under the rubble after the earthquake (and yes, he was rescued, but so many were not). Maybe it was my daughter talking about how little she remembers from the first half of last school year, and realizing that I, too, can hardly recall what happened in the first semester. We talked this morning in our staff meeting about interacting with parents, in preparation for upcoming parent/teacher conferences. It's hard to think about what some of these parents have been through this year. Maybe it was those reflections that started my sadness.

Whatever the reason, today I have felt such a deep longing for none of this to be real. Maybe I will wake up and it will all be a dream, a typical seventh grade way of wrapping up a story when the plot thickens a bit too much.

Yes, God is good. Yes, there are reasons for optimism and moments of great joy. But sometimes I just feel discouraged and sad.


Sarah SSM said...

How could grief not be normal? I'm writing from the US, having only spent one summer there (though I have plenty of people dear to me in Haiti), and even so, I am still actively grieving. Spent much of my recent 8-day retreat in related prayer. How much more must you feel sad sometimes when it is all around you? You are right - it does not negate God's goodness. I've found the psalms to be so helpful because it's ALL there! God give you comfort as you continue your ministry.

elizabeth said...

hugs. I agree, grief is to be expected and comes when not expected. The Lord is with us in the midst.

Janet said...

The sadness will probably always be there, even if it's not on the surface all the time. But you've worked through so much. Not long ago, this was what every day was like.