Sunday, September 12, 2010

Seen on the Way to Church

There's a reason I rarely post photos from anywhere except the way to church. I rarely go anywhere else except home and work. I love to travel and see new things and have adventures, but for this time in my life, I go back and forth from home to work to home again. (I do have adventures, though - it's really not possible to live in Haiti without having adventures. Unless, that is, you have absolutely no imagination at all.)

We took a different route today, so I saw some destruction I hadn't yet seen. Some of it was terrible. In one house, the roof was at a 30 degree angle and there were giant X-shaped cracks in the walls that hadn't yet crumbled. Yet there were people inside the house. In other places, the gate would be slightly open leading into someone's small concrete courtyard, and you'd glimpse a couple of tents inside. Other buildings were completely flattened and looked as though no cleanup had been done at all.

But I decided today to post some photos of more mundane things.

This is a roadside shoe store.

More vendors. Notice that the display case of choice these days for roadside vendors is an army camp bed. Loads of these were donated after the earthquake and Haitians don't waste anything.

A tent city with laundry drying. I know I said I would just show you mundane things today, but the tent cities are mundane. That's what is normal now.

This tap-tap says "Welcome to Paris," but I'm pretty sure we weren't in Paris today.


Janet said...

Thanks for these glimpses of your world. I love seeing them.

Tricia said...

That shoe store is interesting - almost makes you think "pick a left shoe you like over here, and a right shoe you like from over there"... [my dad would like such a store, his feet are considerably different sizes and he always has to special order!]