Thursday, April 18, 2013

Poetry Month - Day 18

Yep, I'm leaving on a jet plane today, headed for the IRA conference in San Antonio.  I've been singing this song my whole life; my parents tell me that when I was four, it was my favorite.

I do know when I'll be back again - next week.  I'll try to keep posting while I'm there, but I'll be pretty busy attending great sessions and book signings and taking hot showers and shopping in the U.S. of A. 

(I'm pretty sure that's #10 Downing Street in the video. That's not where I live, by the way.)


Anonymous said...

I hope that you and Jean have a great time at the International Reading Association Conference!

Don't forget to grab a few neat posters or books for the Library (that is, if you still have space after getting loaded up with great stuff for you class).

Janet said...

My childhood favorite by Peter, Paul and Mary was "Puff the Magic Dragon" -- an early indication of my melancholic temperament.

Have fun!