Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Progressive Poem: Line Twenty-Three

Here's today's line.


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skanny17 said...

Hi Ruth,

When Mary Lee was looking for you, I didn't put it together, but so glad I got to meet you and visit, too. Glad you are back home safe and sound. It was a great session! Yes, it is wonderful to be among so many interesting poetry people who have great ideas and poems to share with our kids. I, too, love the PFA and hope more kids will get the chance of reading these poems. For teachers who are not sure about how to fit poetry in, it is such a great resource. It also meets the standards in a very kid-friendly way. Isn't Janet Wong one of the nicest people around? And Sylvia is so welcoming and kind. Amy LV is a brilliant teacher and poet and Joyce Sidman, well what can I say. I went to Judy Wallis's session on poetry which was fabulous. She has handouts so if you can find those, I think you would like them and I took notes so could share those if you like. Am curious to read your blog and hear about the sessions you attended and what you thought. For your level I went to Harvey Smokey Daniels and Nancy Steinke who did a fabulous talk about reading with rigor using some NF text. I had to leave early so missed Michael Salinger and Sarah Holbrook which was unfortunate!!
Thanks for the shout out!! It was very nice.
Janet F.