Wednesday, December 08, 2010


Photo Credit: New York Times


Burn it
Burn it all
Tires and logs,
Merchants' stands where on better days
Vegetables tempt passers-by.

Burn it
Burn it all
The contents of an overflowing dumpster
Pushed over in the middle of the street.

Burn it
Burn it all
Posters of a smooth, smiling candidate
Ripped down by people who support
A different smooth, smiling candidate.

Burn it
Burn it all
Schoolbooks, voters' cards, ballots,
Dreams for the future,
Pride from the past.

Whatever you have,
Add it to the blaze:
Stoke the fires,
Burn it all.

Ruth, from

This post is linked to Weekend Wordsmith from December 3rd.


Maria said...

:-( I'm so sorry, Ruth. Sounds like a very stressful time.

Anonymous said...

Burn it all - purify!