Saturday, February 03, 2007

Guest Speaker

My eighth graders are writing informational articles right now, and I invited a journalist to come to speak to them. I've been wanting to have a professional writer visit class for a while, and particularly a male one. Most of the teachers at our school are female, as is fairly typical, I believe, and I wanted my kids to see that you can make a living writing and that real men sometimes do so.

This visit went so well that I will repeat it every year if my guest will agree to come back. My students listened politely at first but got more and more interested as he went on. When he was finished they were full of questions. Not only did he say some of the same things about writing that I've been saying to them, but he did a wonderful job of conveying what it's like to be a journalist here in Tecwil. Read: extremely dangerous but just about the most exciting thing you can imagine.

Hooray for my guest speaker!

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