Wednesday, February 21, 2007

It's a Carnival after Carnival!

This week's Carnival is hosted by History is Elementary. Many interesting links to be had here.

It's Ash Wednesday. Where I live, Carnival is a lot bigger than Ash Wednesday - maybe that's true everywhere. Most people concentrate a lot more on the sinning than on the repenting. In any case, things are very quiet on the streets this morning. I'm spending the morning in my classroom, grading - an appropriately somber activity.

When I called to complain, yet again, about our electrical problems last night, the guy taking calls sounded much more cheerful than usual. I could hear music in the background - either he was partying or watching partying on TV. He assured me that the power would be on in a couple of minutes. When I remarked that I had been calling every night since Saturday and that happy result had not yet been achieved, he said that he was sure in a few hours we'd have electricity. We didn't, but it was a nice thought.

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