Monday, February 05, 2007

Super Bowl Roundup

OK, I know the Super Bowl is already over. Somebody told me who won but I don't remember. And frankly, I care very little.

But some other people posted some good stuff about the Super Bowl, so I'm going to link you to it.

Troy didn't get to watch it. (Notice that his focus is in the right place, though - on the snacks.)

Alana shares how nerds watch football. I would feel right at home at that Super Bowl party.

And Ms. Cornelius passes on this fascinating story about Super Bowl parties and how they may actually be illegal under certain circumstances. I'm a strict constructionist when it comes to copyright. I'm always arguing with people who say, "But Tecwil didn't sign the international copyright agreement." My response: "So? It's a moral issue not to steal people's livelihood by making illegal copies of their books and movies and music." But even I don't understand how watching something that is broadcast on network television could be construed as violating copyright.

And that's all about the Super Bowl. Now we don't have to think about it again until next year. Isn't that great?


Anonymous said...

A question. Don't you see libraries as being in that moral question area? They pay for one book and make it public without even thinking about the poor author sitting at the top of Rue Samled with his hand out to every poor sucker who walks by. Of course I'm a morally repugnant DVD coppier so what do I have to stand on?

Ruth said...

:-) You know, one of my students asked the same thing the other day - what about borrowing books? I'm afraid I don't have a reasoned argument, so I'll just shake my head and say, "Well, that's different. Because it is. Yes it is. Nyah nyah nyah."

Any of my readers have a better defense of libraries?

Anonymous, I didn't mean to call you morally repugnant. I'm sure you're not repugnant at all!

Aunt Pat said...

Very few persons can afford to buy all the books they need or would like to read. Therefore, when we get them at a library, we are not taking money out of the author's hand--we would not buy the books anyway! Libraries, on the other hand, may buy multiple copies because they know many will want a given item. And possibly, after getting lots of items from a library, a person may buy something by a favorite author that s/he would not have otherwise purchased. Works for me! I rarely buy any book, tho I read many. I haven't room in my house for them, to say nothing of moeny to buy them. :-)

Ruth said...

Yeah, what she said!

Probably, there are hundreds of books published each year that are sold almost exclusively to libraries.