Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ayiti Leve Kanpe (Haiti Get Back Up)

This is a beautiful video with footage of Haiti pre and post-earthquake. The music is performed by the Dominican Republic Symphonic Orchestra and the Dominican Republic National Choir. The composer/producer is Jean Jean-Pierre.


David said...

Thank you for posting Ayiti Leve Kanpe.
But you omitted to mention the Haitian composer/producer.
His name is Mr. Jean Jean-Pierre who also produced the recording and the video. How do I know? I introduced Jean Jean-Pierre to director Yvetot Gouin, another Haitian.
Please make the correction. It is important to show that it is a union of artists of Haiti and the Dominican Republic.
By the way, if you get it from YouTube, this is what the credits read:

An 8min time capsule of Haiti, Pre/Post Earthquake!
Jean Jean-Pierre and the Dominican Republic Symphonic Orchestra
Conductor: José Antonio Molina
The Dominican Republic National Choir
Conductor: José Enrique Espin
Composer/Productor: Jean Jean-Pierre
Video director: Yvetot Gouin

Thank you very much for your understanding. And thank you for your work for Haiti.

Ruth said...

Thank you, David. I made the correction. I didn't intend to leave anyone out. Thanks for your part in this beautiful tribute to Haiti.