Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sunshine and the Human Heart

Today was the first day since Monday that both of my children went to school. My son has been home with a cold and I was trapped in the house with him. I did go for a brief walk with my daughter each day when she got home from school, but today when the sick one returned to school, I was able to take a long, vigorous walk, just me and my iPod. I am constantly surprised by how much good that does me. Today I feel much more human and able to cope with what comes up.

On my iPod this morning was a sermon by Rob Bell. (Tell me I'm not the only person that listens to sermons during exercise - I think that might be weird.) It was called "The Human Heart is a Mystery." Boy, is it ever. You can download the sermon here; it's the one from February 28th.

I know some people have theological problems with Rob Bell, but what can I say: I am a sucker for a preacher who uses the word "archetype" and quotes Dostoevsky. And this sermon spoke to me deeply. It's about how life overturns our categories and doesn't work the way it is supposed to, but God can still be trusted. And it includes the line: "Only when you have come face to face with the deadness of things can you truly appreciate life." The context is Lent and springtime, which brings me back to where I started, with the sunshine.

The kids had an early release day from school, and after they got home we went to the park and walked and played. A bike with training wheels was involved. The sun was shining. It looked as though winter was over (not that I am fully convinced of that). The world looked more hopeful than it has for a while.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you have gotten sunshine where ever you are.
Spring is such a more hopeful healing time. Still praying for you & checking your blog now & then.
In Christ's Love,