Thursday, January 13, 2011

Another Earthquake in a Children's Book

I was reading Ramona and Her Father to my son, and came across this passage:
"Her mother said she must not annoy her father, because he was worried about being out of work. Maybe she had made him so angry he did not love her anymore. Maybe he had gone away because he did not love her. She thought of all the scary things she had seen on television - houses that had fallen down in earthquakes, people shooting people, big hairy men on motorcycles - and knew she needed her father to keep her safe."

What is with all these earthquake references in children's books? Here are the others we've already found.


elizabeth said...

crazy, these references. sending HUGS your way.

camilla said...

I read that book to my kids a couple of months ago. I remember reading the passage and thinking about Haiti.