Wednesday, January 05, 2011

The Last Word (Love Was Here First)

by Carolyn Arends

Bad day in the garden, Eve fell for the lie
Now we just keep falling one lie at a time
It seems like forever we’ve been under this curse
But love was here first

Now everything’s broken and everything fails
We can’t quite imagine that love will prevail
We’ve got to remember when the bad goes to worse
Love was here first

‘Cause there will be a day
When the kingdom comes
When love has finished all that it’s begun
When we’re face to face
We will know for sure
Love’s gonna have the last word
Love’s gonna have the last word

Bad day on the hillside, or so it seemed
When love was surrendered and nailed to a tree
But the grave came up empty and death was reversed
‘Cause love was here first

A bad day in the garden could not erase
All that was started with original grace
And though we have wandered, we will find if we search
Love was here first

© 2009 Running Arends Music/ASCAP

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