Saturday, January 15, 2011

Others on the Anniversary

There are so many wonderful people writing reflections about the anniversary of the earthquake. I can't link you to all of them, but here are some you have to read:

My dear friend Beth.
Super-blogger Tara.
Jillian and Frank, whom I don't know but who have both written such incredibly beautiful and perceptive posts.
Ben and Lexi.
Katie, new friend and prayer partner, and awesome teacher. And also someone who was there that night, on the soccer field.
Heather wrote about this year and last year too.
QCS alumna Chivricanna.
Another QCS alumna, Talie. (We are so proud of our alumni.)
Friend and former colleague Jess.
Dr. Jen.
Dear college friend Janet, who's never even been to Haiti but who stood in solidarity with us in prayer from the beginning.

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Janet said...

I read through these and appreciated every one. Thank you so much for gathering them together like this.