Friday, January 14, 2011

Poetry Friday: Haiti

Haiti has been in the news this week because Wednesday was the one year anniversary of the earthquake. I've been posting about the anniversary all week. This was a year of anguish, a year of joy. A year of the most intense emotion of my life, at both extremes. And a year of poetry.

The Poetry Foundation website has video of Kwame Dawes, a Ghanaian-born poet who has been taking trips to Haiti, meeting people, and writing poems about their stories. The video is long (eleven minutes) but worth watching. It ends with one of Dawes' poems about Haiti, "Mother of Mothers." You can see it here.

Here's this week's Poetry Friday roundup.


laurasalas said...

Thank you, Ruth, for this. I don't have time to watch the whole video, but I did go to 8:00 and then watch/listen to the poem. Wow. The flies, the concrete, the "resurrection," and then the horror. Very powerful. I love the bells, too. Reinforces the prayer-like quality of the poem.

Tara said...

This was so moving - especially because of all the photographs I've just see. Thank you for this wonderful link.

Mary Lee said...

I've been thinking of you lots this week. Thanks for the report/video poem. Powerful.

Carlie said...

What a lovely, powerful and beautiful poem! So cool to see something this whole and deep born out of tragedy. What an honoring for those mothers in the rubble.