Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Salaam, Mumbai

Back in June I filed away an article I read about Mumbai (formerly known as Bombay) protesting being named the world's rudest city. People in Mumbai aren't rude, the residents said. (Here's the full list of the cities surveyed.)

Since then, of course, Mumbai has been in the news for a much more tragic reason, and all the news stories I read after the bombings talked at length about how people rallied around the injured and took care of things. The next day, according to the Mumbai Daily Photo Blog, life was back to normal. July 12th's posting refers to the "spirit of Bombay."

Today, a week after the bombings, Mumbai observed two minutes of silence in honor of those who died in yet another senseless act of terrorism.

I've never been to Mumbai but my heart goes out to the people there today. And so do my prayers.


Anonymous said...

FINALLY ... I learned your fancy tricks and I know how to do the hyper linking thing ----- I have envied your e-skills for weeks and I finally know how to be like you. Troy thinks I am taking it too far, but it is a new trick so I am practicing my skills. Much Love to you and your family. When do you come back?

Ruth said...

:-) Congrats! I'm emailing you.