Friday, November 30, 2007

Poetry Friday - I Participate

Since I'm on a posting binge today, and since I just learned a new word, and since it's still Friday for a bit, I'm going to join the fun and tell you about the paradelle. I learned this word when I followed a link today to a Billy Collins poem and found that he had recently contributed to a collection of paradelles. (Here's a link to the book information, including a funny excerpt from Collins' introduction; if you click on the PDF you can read the whole introduction and some more of the book as well.) I looked up paradelle and discovered that it's a form invented by Collins himself as a parody of forms in general, and specifically the villanelle.

I love Billy Collins because he always seems to be having so much fun in his poems, and I love him even more now that I know about paradelles.


Sara said...

This was GREAT. Thanks for linking to that PDF with the excerpt. SO good and funny and with some real wisdom, as well.

Anonymous said...

That's funny. I have an "ear worm" right now - the chorus in a kids' pirate picture book that comes with a CD version as sea shanty - I should see if I can use the words in a paradelle.