Friday, May 01, 2009

Poetry Friday - Free Verse Photo Project

I posted earlier about the Poetry in the Wild contest, where people were challenged to write a line of poetry somewhere other than a page, and then document the results.

Here's one of the winners and here you can see thumbnails of many of the submissions.

Here's today's Poetry Friday roundup.


Janet said...

"The Red Wheelbarrow" always seemed lofty and impenetrable to me, but seeing it on that commonplace wheelbarrow reconciles me to the poem at last!

I like the coffee spoons, too.

Ruth said...

Yeah, and you know, the funny thing is that I'm pretty sure this is exactly how Williams meant it. "No ideas but in things." I think all the reading of symbolism and back-stories into it (in Modern Poetry - were you in that class?) was a waste of time.