Friday, December 18, 2009

Poetry Friday: War and Peace

So I've been reading War and Peace as long as I can remember. Actually it's only two months but that's a long time to be reading the same book. I WILL finish it. I've read a thousand pages and I only have three hundred left.

I don't know of any poems about that particular book, but Billy Collins' poem about Anna Karenina seems appropriate.

On Closing Anna Karenina
by Billy Collins

I must have started reading this monster
a decade before Tolstoy was born
but the vodka and the suicide are behind me now,
all the winter farms, ice-skating and horsemanship.

It consumed so many evenings and afternoons,
I thought a Russian official would appear
to slip a medal over my lowered head
when I reached the last page.

Here's the rest of it.

For the record, I liked Anna Karenina. I even like War and Peace, at least large chunks of it. It is just so endlessly long.

Here's today's Poetry Friday roundup, at Susan Writes.


Janet said...

I love that poem!

Just 300 pages left? You go girl!

Tricia said...

What a great poem! I listened to Hans Brinker a year or two ago, and I kind of felt that way. I thought it was going to be one long skating party, but it wasn't. And if I'd been reading the print edition, I might have stopped in the first chapter (a geography and history of the Netherlands, iirc)!