Friday, October 26, 2012

Poetry Friday: Siblings

School is called off today for the second day as we are pounded by Hurricane Sandy.  She's not hitting us directly, but we are getting an unbelievable amount of rain.  The latest I heard was that nine people have died in Haiti as a result.

I found this poem about hurricanes.  Be sure to click through and read about the others that year - including the most famous one, perhaps ever, Katrina.

By Patricia Smith
Hurricanes, 2005
Arlene learned to dance backwards in heels that were too high.
Bret prayed for a shaggy mustache made of mud and hair.
Cindy just couldn’t keep her windy legs together.
Dennis never learned to swim.
Emily whispered her gusts into a thousand skins.
Franklin, farsighted and anxious, bumbled villages.
Gert spat her matronly name against a city’s flat face.
Harvey hurled a wailing child high.
Irene, the baby girl, threw pounding tantrums.

Here's the rest.
And here's today's Poetry Friday roundup.


Liz Steinglass said...

It is so intriguing that we give them human names.
Stay safe and dry.
It appears to be coming our way.

Tara @ A Teaching Life said...

This one sent chills down my spine...especially the last. Stay safe!

Andromeda Jazmon said...

Wow what a year that was! My youngest son was born that year; now that I think about it, that explains a lot!! I am going to have to save this poem for him.

jama said...

Wow, what a poem, and what a year! Sorry to hear about the casualties in Haiti. Take care, stay safe and dry.

Robyn Hood Black said...

Been thinking of you, Ruth, each time I hear the weather news this week - thanks for sharing this poem, and stay safe. Prayers for those affected by it.

GatheringBooks said...

The power of nature unleashed. Do stay safe dear! :)

Sarah SSM said...

Just came over to your blog to see how you're doing. How are things in your neighborhood?

Violet N. said...

Hope you're keeping earthbound and dry.

What an intriguing poem you shared. Love the way the Patricia Smith humanized these storms and how despite their naughtinesses, which were bad enough, their avoidance of that terrible storm reinforces to us how much worse it was than all the others.

Janet said...

How do you find these poems?...

I'm so glad you weren't in the direct path. Haiti has had its share of trouble. The indirect effects of Sandy are quite enough...

We're supposed to be getting days of heavy rain and wind starting on Monday, even this far to the north.

Thinking of you.

Mary Lee said...

This poem makes hurricanes into HERicanes and HISicanes. And then there's Katrina...the embodiment of evil...

Stay safe and dry!

Linda B said...

Hi Ruth, I hope the rain has abated, but heard that there have been even more casualties. I am so sorry. The poem is brilliant, isn't it, and for those who have lived through many, they might not like to read it, too close perhaps. Thank you, & thinking of you!