Monday, November 04, 2013

Pajama Day

I teach the word "infer" to the seventh graders,
who are dressed in their pajamas.
"If you look around today," I explain,
"You can infer from what people are wearing
That it's Pajama Day."

You can infer from what I am wearing, too,
That it is Pajama Day. 
My purple plaid drawstring pants
My oversized school T-shirt from two sports seasons ago
My socks and running shoes.

Dressed in my pajamas,
I attempt to keep order
Among children in bathrobes
Children with stuffed animals
Children in slippers,
And perhaps most difficult of all,
Those who forgot to dress up.

Not to worry - it's only Monday.
Four more days of costumed mayhem left in Spirit Week.
You can infer from my martyred sigh
Exactly how I feel about that.


Linda B said...

Wonderful-could be shared in a book about teaching, Ruth. There's much truth about this experience, especially those who forget! Thanks-will share!

Matsu said...

Great poem. I can see in my mind's eye clearly as you lead the reader through your classroom. I especially liked the phrase "costumed mayhem" as it nicely describes the scene and gives the reader a sense of your opinion of the overarching event: Spirit Week. Then, you confirm it with your last thought.

Thank you. This was a very fun poem to read.