Saturday, February 08, 2014


It's been three weeks since Irene Latham nominated me for a Sunshine Award.  Thanks, Irene!  I've had her post open on my desktop ever since, and in that time, although I have graded a bazillion pieces of student work, attended two in-services, taught umpteen classes, hosted a guest in my home, and spent time with family and friends, I somehow haven't gotten around to passing on the sunshine.  So here goes...

Here are the rules...

  1. Acknowledge the nominating bloggers
  2. Share 11 random facts about yourself
  3. Answer the 11 questions the nominating blogger creates for you
  4. List 11 bloggers
  5. Post 11 questions for the bloggers you nominate to answer and let all the bloggers know they've been nominated.  (You cannot nominate the blogger who nominated you.)
I already did the first one, acknowledging Irene.  I enjoyed reading her post and learning more about her. 

Eleven random facts about me?  Hmm...

1.  I drink at least one cup of tea a day, usually two or three.
2.  I love learning foreign languages.  I've studied French, German, Latin, Haitian Creole, Swahili, and a tiny bit of Greek (a very long time ago).  I speak French and Haitian Creole well enough to use them in my life nearly every day.
3.  I love garlic.
4.  I got a Kindle for Christmas just over three years ago, and while I didn't think I would like it very much, I now do a huge amount of my reading on it.  I am hooked on how easy it is to get books immediately when I want them, without shipping costs and customs charges.
5.  Related to #4: I am addicted to books.  In addition to the many on my Kindle, I have piles of them on my bedside table and two deep on bookcases around my house.
6.  I love music and usually have some playing.  Right now I think my favorite is the Civil Wars.
7.  I have lived in five countries (defining "lived" as at least a month, which allows me to include France, where I studied for nine weeks when I was in college).
8.  I once spent a night on a houseboat in Amsterdam.  (It was a lot less scandalous than it sounds.)
9.  I love snails in garlic butter.  (See #3.)
10.  I don't like heights, but I love to fly.
11.  I like to shop at Goodwill with my daughter.

OK, now to Irene's questions.

1.  Favorite food to bring to a potluck event?  Something my husband made.   We often take inarizushi. 

2.  What do you do to relieve stress?  Drink a cup of tea, read, write, cry, ride my exercise bike.
3.   Favorite quote?  Oh, goodness, I don't know.  I've been reading a lot of Walter Brueggemann lately, and here's something from one of his Christmas sermons that I love: 
"The skies are always filled with bombers, but Christmas is the incredible affirmation that the skies at the important moment are not filled with bombers, which is our symbol for weary business as usual.  Just then the skies are filled with angels, voices of another announcement about something God has decided.  That is what Christmas is about, the perception that the skies are not filled with bombs, but with angels."
4.  What is the story behind your name?  I am named after both my grandmothers.
5.  Chore you abhor?  Cleaning out the fridge.  My husband always does it.
6.  Cinderella or Snow White?  Definitely Cinderella.  
7.  Do you plan blog posts ahead of time, or real-time posts only?  Both.  I really like to plan a bunch ahead, when I have time.
8.  Other social media you enjoy?  I love Facebook.  I wrote here about what a lifeline it was after the earthquake.
9.   Introverted or extroverted?  On the Myers-Briggs I came out right in the middle.  I play an extrovert in my classroom, and I do often find myself energized by people.  But I would definitely classify myself as an introvert.  Teaching takes a lot out of me and I need plenty of down-time to recharge.  
10.  Title of the last book you gave as a gift?  I gave lots of books for Christmas.  One, to my husband, was Extra Virginity: The Sublime and Scandalous World of Olive Oil, by Tom Mueller.  This is the kind of book he enjoys - he likes to learn about subjects in-depth, and especially food-related subjects like this one.  
11.  Happiness is...a big mug of chai, a book to read, and no grading to do.

Eleven bloggers I'd like to give the Sunshine Award:
1.  Jessica at One Wild and Precious Life
2.  Janet at Across the Page
3.  Laura at Author Amok
5.  Jama at Jama's Alphabet Soup   
7.  Carie at Practicing Sanity  
8.  Monique at Crumpets in Camelot
9.  Heidi at My Juicy Little Universe
10.  Linda at TeacherDance   
11.  Ashley at Steps in Haiti

These are all blogs I like to read, and if nothing else, there's a list of great blogs you can check out.  But I don't know that they'll thank me for nominating them, because this post is taking me a LONG time to write...

Anyway, here are eleven questions for these bloggers, should they choose to participate (no pressure):

1.  What's your favorite song right now?
2.  What made you decide to start blogging?
3.  What's your favorite post you've ever written?  (Link, please!)
4.  What's a book you've given (or loaned) to multiple people because you love it so much?
5.  What Hogwarts house would you be in?
6.  What's your comfort food of choice?
7.  What book character would you like to have lunch with?
8.  What's your favorite podcast?
9.  What's a movie you've watched many times?
10.  What are your favorite clothes to wear?
11.  What's a book on your wish list?  

Now I'm going to hit Publish and then go inform all my lucky nominees!     


Janet said...

Thank you! I will try to participate... I love your questions.

It was fun to read your answers. I was initially traumatized that you like snails of any variety, but I love that you're named after both your grandmothers. :-)

Linda B said...

Hi Ruth, Finally I'm able to read a few blogs this evening after getting home from the conference. I feel like I walked about 50 miles, but it was really fun! We have a good conference in Colorado! Thank you for the nomination, but I've already been nominated, and I think I'll pass if you don't mind. I'm honored that you thought of me! I see we have a few things in common, books & chai. So many ordered chai at the Starbucks at the conference hotel that they ran out! I was sad, moved to iced tea instead! And you share different things sometimes that I haven't read or even heard about, so I love hearing about your reading! Here's one of my favorite posts, written just a couple of months after I began. Who knows what lurks in people's minds? Have a good Sunday!

Tabatha said...

Thank you, Ruth! You bring sunshine to my day, too :-) I enjoyed reading random facts about you. We have some things in common, like tea, garlic, books, exercise bikes, and the Civil Wars. But I don't mind heights, although I'm not that crazy about flying!

Heidi Mordhorst said...

Ruth! What a lovely surprise, and I'm glad that I bring (intermittent) sunshine to your life. It was fun getting to know you through both your answers to Irene's questions and through your own questions. I have a Valentine's Day post planned for Friday but I'll do my 11 11's the week after (geez it's like the best homework ever!)

Irene Latham said...

Hi Ruth - I enjoyed your post so much... great to know you a little better! I, too, love tea... and I believe angels over bombers any day. I want to hear more about this houseboat in Amsterdam. Love that title of the olive oil book for your husband! And I, too, love my Kindle, especially for traveling. I really hadn't thought about its benefits for those of you overseas. Great! OH, and my sister is named after both our grandmothers, and one of her names is Ruth. :)

Maria said...

I will participate! It will take me a while, but I'll post. :-)

Linda B said...

Hi again, Ruth. You are dear to read my "cheesy" post-it was a long time ago! Thanks for the comment!

Jessica Stock said...

Hi Ruth thanks for the nomination! This will be a lot of fun. I loved reading your post. I share y our affection for garlic, and goodwill shopping, your blog always brings sunshine I love reading it!

Author Amok said...

Thanks for the nomination, Ruth. I feel exactly as you do about the extrovert/introvert issue. Have you read "Quiet" by Susan Cain? I liked the idea that introverts can behave extroverted when they are passionate about something... such as the subjects they teach.