Friday, April 03, 2015

Poetry Friday, Good Friday

Judas, Peter

because we are all
betrayers, taking
silver and eating
body and blood and asking
(guilty) is it I and hearing
him say yes
it would be simple for us all
to rush out
and hang ourselves
but if we find grace
to weep and wait
after the voice of morning
has crowed in our ears
clearly enough
to break our hearts
he will be there
to ask us each again
do you love me

Luci Shaw

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Amy LV said...

This is so beautiful, so true. Thank yuo for these words today, Ruth. May your season be full of goodness. xo, a.

Carol said...

This truth in this poem takes my breath away.
Who we are.
Who He is.

This made me cry.

GatheringBooks said...

The first two lines are immensely powerful. Wow. Very timely post, Ruth. I hope you had a lovely Easter celebration.

Tabatha said...

Heartbreaking and heartmending, both.