Monday, April 23, 2018

Happy Blog Birthday to Me!

Today I've been blogging here at this site for twelve years. And also, if William Shakespeare were still alive, he would be 454 years old.

Shakespeare was pretty confident that people would be reading his words forever. I am less so about mine, but I do love having a little corner of the internet where I can post about what I'm reading and writing and teaching. Thank you for stopping by to read and for leaving encouraging comments on my posts!  I'd enjoy sharing some birthday cake with you, but instead, here's a festive photo taken recently on my street. 


Carol Trachsel said...

I love to read your posts and feel that I can keep up with you a bit. I also love it that you read and share your thoughts on books :-). Carol T.

Linda B said...

Happy Blog Birthday, Ruth. I love reading your posts, and you always have something new to share or something wonderful that you have written.

Tabatha said...

Your blog is a treat, Ruth! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. Happy blog birthday!