Thursday, March 28, 2019

Poetry Friday: Discard


Someone discarded
this library book
Somewhere else.

It wasn’t the latest thing.
It was old and needed replacing
Something better.

Someone stamped it

and then
discarded it.

Some alchemy
of pity and generosity
It ended up here,
Somewhere else.

If only
hadn’t stamped the word
here on this page.

That word
distracts my eye
from the
painting of
red and yellow and white tulips
with stripy green leaves.

Someone picked those flowers
Somewhere else.
Someone put them on the table,
dewy from the garden.
Someone painted them,
adding each line with a careful hand.

In my mind I redefine
and say instead


Somewhere tulips do not grow
where we do not have the latest thing

where I take a moment to appreciate
the slender stems
and bright petals
of flowers which were
Somewhere else
long ago
but which art has preserved
for me to see 


this morning.

Ruth, from

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Kimberly Hutmacher said...

Oh how I love the word transplant so much more than discard. As a writer, you always want to think that someone will want to read and enjoy the book you've written.

Linda B said...

I have a friend in a small town who posts lovely books she mourns when she finds them in the 'discard' box at her library. Instead of a sale, they are free for the taking. I will share this with her, love that you have caressed the book with your words.

Carol said...

Like Kimberly, I love the word "transplant." And I love the idea of someone seeing with new eyes and cherishing and loving something that is no longer appreciated by another. Thank you for this beautiful poem.

Mary Lee said...

This is proof positive that there is poetry in every moment, if we just take time to see it and write it.
Your poem is lovely...and thought provoking. How we name things is everything, isn't it?

Jane @ said...

I have already have several of my books set to discard at local libraries, but I can at least take some comfort in the fact that they are being discarded because they have been too enthusiastically loved by toddlers with big hearts and sticky fingers. But to be discarded because you are no longer cool or fashionable, now that is a tragedy for any book.

Tabatha said...

Ugh to big stamps on beautiful books! Glad you could reclaim it and rejoice in it.