Thursday, December 05, 2019

Poetry Friday: Blessing in the Chaos

Things have been pretty chaotic around here lately. In the world, and also in my heart. This poem by Jan Richardson helps. 

Blessing in the Chaos
Jan Richardson

To all that is chaotic
in you,
let there come silence.

Let there be
a calming
of the clamoring,
a stilling
of the voices that
have laid their claim
on you,
that have made their
home in you,

that go with you
even to the
holy places
but will not
let you rest,
will not let you
hear your life
with wholeness
or feel the grace
that fashioned you.

Let what distracts you

Here's the rest at Jan's blog, The Painted Prayerbook, plus some of her thoughts about the poem.

Tanita has the roundup today.


tanita✿davis said...

Hi, thank you so much for your email this morning - and for your beautiful poetic blessing.

Janice Scully said...

Yes, let distractions cease. That adds joy to the holiday season, and I try my best every year. I enjoyed that lovely poem.

Cheriee Weichel said...

This poem feels like an important message blessing for all of us. Thank you so much for sharing it. Hope you are doing well.

Tabatha said...

Had to leave to buy one of Jan's books. Thanks for the blessing, Ruth!

Joyce Ray said...

Thank you for this blessing by Jan Richardson. I love her work but did not know of her blog, and I thank you for the link that pointed me to it. May you and we all find openings that enable us " to see what shimmers within the storm." I love that ending to Jan's blessing.

Linda B said...

It's a peaceful poem of hope, Ruth. I saw some Haiti news of the protests this week, wishing you some peace and quiet, too. Thanks for this beautiful poem.

Jone said...

May there be peace soon, I pray for your country everyday. Thank you for this poem

Kay said...

Thank you for sharing this blessing in the chaos. My life personally is not as threatened by chaos as your situation now, but it seems like our entire country is on the edge of being engulfed by chaos. May we all find peace and "an opening
into the quiet
that lies beneath
the chaos,
where you find
the peace
you did not think
and see what shimmers
within the storm."

Karen Eastlund said...

Thank you for sharing Jan Richardson's poem. I have found solace in her poetry also. Wishing you safety and freedom.

Donna Smith said...

Oh, my word.
Thank you for sharing this today.
It's so hard to still
"the voices that
have laid their claim
on you".

Mary Lee said...

What a beautiful and calming blessing. Everything in it I wish for you, and Haiti, and the world. (Plus, I'll keep a bit for myself, but when I look at the big picture, I really have nothing to complain about.)

jama said...

Thanks so much for sharing Jan's poem. We all REALLY need her words right now. Hoping things calm down soon in your part of the world.

Michelle Kogan said...

What a moving ending to this moving poem,
"and see what shimmers
within the storm."

Thanks Ruth–hoping the storm calms for you there.