Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Slice of Life Tuesday: Shoes


I got new hiking shoes. I really needed them; it had been several years since I got some new walking shoes, and they had already been repaired with Superglue. Last time we went hiking, I wore sandals instead, and came home with mud all over my feet. My husband said he'd order me some new hiking shoes.

Sure enough, a while later, a box arrived. But I could tell before I even opened it that we had a serious problem. Instead of ordering my size (8 1/2), he had ordered size 5 1/2. He had ordered shoes for a woman with teeny tiny little feet. No such woman lives in our house. 

Don't worry, though. There's a happy ending. We found a woman with teeny tiny little feet who could use the hiking shoes. And my husband ordered more shoes, this time in my actual size. And on Saturday I wore them for the first time, and they worked very well. 

That's it. That's the whole story. It's not exactly a slice of life - more a crumb than a whole slice. But it made me happy. 


Fran Haley said...

A crumb of life-! Sometimes crumbs have all the best flavor, like, say, the crunchy crumbs drained from oil after frying chicken... but that's unhealthy, so... suffice it to say I look forward to where your new and wonderful boots will take you. (PS - this IS a whole slice! Slices come in all sizes and varieties).

Stacey said...

"No such woman lives in our house."
This line made me laugh out loud!

One time I wore my hiking boots to death. They literally fell apart as I was hiking into the Grand Canyon. (Not a good time for the soles to be flapping!) I had to rip them off and basically hiked out of the canyon as if I were wearing ballet slippers. Oye! That was not one of my finer moments.

mbhmaine said...

I love the line "No such woman lives in our house" and am delighted that you were able to find a woman with teeny tiny feet to enjoy those hiking boots. The boots you have now will be even more special because of this story that's already a part of them.

Linda Mitchell said...

Story crumbs are delicious! I love this story and how someone unexpectedly received a gift of hiking shoes. Happy Thanksgiving.