Saturday, November 11, 2006

MySpace articles

For Some, Online Persona Undermines a Resume.

MySpace is Public Space When it Comes to Job Search.

What You Say Online Could Haunt You. This one has some middle school examples - some of the things about college and jobs may be a little too far in the future to be very convincing to kids that age.

Why Parents Must Mind MySpace.

MySpace Dangers. This site is trying to sell you software to spy on your kid, but it is an interesting summary of some of the dangers of this whole social networking phenomenon.

Website's Power to Overexpose Teens Stirs a Warning.

About MySpace And Your Kids.

Voices of Youth site where kids discuss the problems they see with MySpace.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for these references. My 13 year old son has just begun to really get into MySpace in the past month. I've tended to be less interested in it since I didn't use it and I have no plans to create a MySpace page.

Things have changed now that my child is using it. Now, I need to educate him so that he can make informed decisions about what the posts online, whether it's MySpace or somewhere else (like a blog ;-) ).

Ruth said...

Hey Matsu,

Lots of these articles say you have to be 14 to have a MySpace account. Most of my students who have accounts aren't 14. And your son is 13.

What gives?