Friday, February 23, 2007

Electricity, Yet Again

Anybody who's reading this is probably tired of this topic, but once again we have no electricity. Today makes a week. Until last night, there were several other houses affected. We could see the streetlight across the street, but we weren't the only house with no city power. Last night, though, when the power came on, the neighbors had it and we didn't.

For some reason, I find this very difficult, even though we still have power in the batteries, so we have lights and fans and even computer, and the generator is working. I just can't stand the fact that we're the only ones with no city power. Misery loves company, and all that.

Every night I call the company, and every night they promise they will come and fix it. I've called "our" electrician, too, but there's only so much he can tell when the power is off everywhere, as it mostly is until the middle of the night, when nobody wants to be out on the street.

I get very tired of this. No, it's not life-threatening, but it sure is annoying.


T and T Livesay said...

I am not tired of hearing you whine ==== keep whining all you want. That is so lame and TIRING.

You have permission to vent all you need.

Ruth said...

Thanks Tara. This morning the batteries died. I'm at school, where they are running the generator. I just wonder why everything has to be so difficult. But then I think about all the people who had to walk three hours to get water for their family today and I can't believe I have the nerve to even use the word difficult. You know? I know you do!

Anonymous said...

Ruth, although it's nothing at all like your situation, I understand the feeling in a teeny tiny way! We have a weird situation where 3 houses on our block get power from the lines behind, but everyone else gets them streetside. So they'll have power, and we'll be without (or vice versa, but lately it's mostly us in the dark). And since we're in such a tiny power sliver, we're low priority in the restoration efforts. But at least we have some confidence that it will come on "soon" and can trust power company estimates give or take 12 hours or so! And yeah, if we softie Americans can vent when the power goes out, you should not feel the least bit of compunction in doing it!!