Thursday, December 20, 2018

Poetry Friday: Winter Solstice

Today is my first day of break, since I finished my grading yesterday after the kids were dismissed. It's also the shortest day of the year. The shortest day of the year in the tropics, where it will still be bright and beautiful, and my daughter is coming home, and did I mention there's no grading to do?
I'm sharing part of a Jan Richardson poem today, from her book The Cure for Sorrow.

Blessing for the Longest Night


You will know
the moment of its
by your release
of the breath
you have held
so long;
a loosening
of the clenching
in your hands,
of the clutch
around your heart;
a thinning
of the darkness
that had drawn itself
around you.

This blessing
does not mean
to take the night away
but it knows
its hidden roads,
knows the resting spots
along the path
knows what it means
to travel
in the company
of a friend.

You can read the rest here.

I'm so thankful for the resting spots along the path, like the two and a half weeks of vacation coming up. And I'm thankful for the company of people I love. And I'm thankful for no grading to do.

Buffy has the roundup today.


KatApel - said...

I'm thinking your grading is our marking/report cards... and I can fully relate! I have not missed them in my time away from the classroom, but I remember...

Thank-you for sharing this very beautiful blessing. Enjoy companionship and resting spots and a blessed Christmas.

Linda Mitchell said...

What a gorgeous poem...and just dripping with the meaning of what is difficult becomes our blessing. Thank you for this. Enjoy your time of no grading and daughter home!

Linda B said...

I do love that ending verse, Ruth & "the thinning of the night". Happiness does mean the long days of vacation and being with 'all' your family! Merry Christmas!

Buffy Silverman said...

Beautiful poem--thanks for sharing it. Enjoy your resting spots... and the company of your daughter!

author amok said...

I could feel that release happening as I read this poem, Ruth. This moment is so lovely:
"a thinning
of the darkness
that had drawn itself
around you."
I'm looking forward to that thinning of the darkness.

Michelle Kogan said...

Jan's poem reminds me of an unwinding thread that is releasing stress and drawing in deep breaths.

Enjoy your couple of weeks off with your daughter and family–and hopefully time for yourself too–Happy Holidays!

Matt Forrest Esenwine said...

Perfect poem for the day! Thanks for sharing, Ruth.

Mary Lee said...

Okay, you can stop gloating about not having any grading to do! I've been the world's worst procrastinator and I will PAY for my earlier choices. Pay DEARLY. Sigh.

Love the poem. Especially the end.